At It Again: Activists Destroy Section of Illegal Annexation Fence

11 August 2007

Today, Palestinian, international, and Israeli activists joined together in Beit Mirsim, Hebron District, and destroyed part of the Apartheid Fence.
Beit Mirsim is a small village near the Green Line in the southern West Bank. It is the site of beautiful archaeological sites and ancient homes, and recently, it has become yet another village caged in by the illegal Annexation Barrier. Throughout Palestine people reject the presence of this Annexation Barrier which separates Palestinian from Palestinian, farmer from his land, student from her school, people from their families. Israeli and international activists also reject this barrier; it is not a tool for security or peace, but for land-theft, ghettoisation, and, eventually, ethnic cleansing as Palestinian people are forced to leave their homes when staying becomes economically impossible. Yet the people of Beit Mirsim and other Palestinians throughout the West Bank remain steadfast and continue to resist their imprisonment.