PSP Member Imprisoned Without Trial

14 September 2007

Long-time committed PSP activist, Yousef, was kidnapped from his home at approximately 2 am by Israeli Occupation Forces two weeks ago. The Israeli intelligence services, Shabak, has demanded that he be held in prison for 4 months for “security purposes”. This policy of Administrative Detention, whereby Palestinians can be arrested and held in prison for sometimes years at a time without any trial or defense in court, is used by the Israeli government to imprison Palestinian activists simply for their activism or political beliefs. It is a policy that is in complete contravention to international law and all basic legal rights to defend oneself against the state’s accusations. Yousef and his attorney are not allowed to see the ‘evidence’ against him or even to know the details of what he is accused of. After 4 months the Shabak can apply for an extension of his detention, which can be repeated indefinitely.
Yousef was active in joint non-violent demonstrations with Israelis and internationals. He has been arrested two other times in the past year. First, in August, 2006 he was taken from his home in the middle of the night and held for three days, ‘accused’ of “housing internationals” before he was released without charge. In April, 2007 he was arrested at a peaceful protest against the Annexation Fence in South Betlehem and held for 8 days after which he was released on bail and, again, never charged. We believe Yousef is being targetted for his participation in the non-violent struggle against the Israeli Occupation.
Yousef has a wife and two young childen, aged 5 and 1 and a half. If you would like to contribute to the support of his family while he is imprisoned, please contact us at

Yesterday, another PSP activist (also named Yousef) was ordered to another 6 months in Administrative Detention. He was arrested over a year ago, in June 2006, and has been held in Israeli military prisons under this policy of Administrative Detention ever since, also without trial.