Roadblock Removed in Al-Walaja

22 September 2007

This Friday, September 21, Palestinians from the village of AL-Walaja were accompanied by international and Israeli activists as they stepped up their campaign against the confiscation of their land and the construction of the Annexation Fence, which will surround their entire village. Once again, the Israeli Occupation Forces tried to prevent international and Israeli activists from participating in the demonstration, and once again they were unsuccessful. People gathered under the trees near the site where Israeli-owned Caterpillar bulldozers have been uprooting fruit and pine trees to clear the way for the Annexation Fence. After a short speech by a sheikh and leader from the women’s organization, the group marched along the path of the recently bulldozed trees and then down to the road where the Israeli Occupation Forces had blocked the road with boulders, preventing the people of AL-Walaja from moving freely around their village. With their bare hands, demonstrators moved massive boulders and cleared the road, which was immediately put into use. After the successful removal of the roadblock, demonstrators peacefully dispersed, vowing to return next week.