Lights Out in Beit Ommar

26 September 2007

For several days in a row, the Israeli Occupation Forces have been invading Beit Ommar, wreaking havoc and terrorizing the villagers. On Tuesday at approximately 4am soldiers in jeeps and Amoured Personnel Carriers entered Beit Ommar and immediately began shooting out the street lights in the main road, creating panic for people on their way to the mosque for morning prayers. The soldiers also shot several tear gas canisters into nearby homes and shot live ammunition at civilians. They then cut the power to entire center of the village, which remained off for several hours. Later tuesday evening, soldiers again entered the village, this time just before the villagers were set to break the daily Ramadan fast. Again, soldiers shot tear gas and live ammunition indiscriminately. Tear gas was also shot near the entrance of PSP’s international house. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in any of these attacks.
All of this was allegedly in retaliation for an attack on a settler car on the main highway between Beit Ommar and Halhul on monday, in which no one was injured. Though no one has been arrested for that attack in Beit Ommar or elsewhere, the Israeli Occupation Forces have, as usual, used it as a pretext for collective punishment against the civilian population of Beit Ommar.