Legal Victory! PSP Activist Released from Prison

28 September 2007

Tuesday evening in an incredibly rare reversal, an Israeli military court released Yousef, one of PSP’s key Palestinian activists. After spending about a month in prison without charges in ‘administrative detention’, Yousef won his appeal. The appeal, which was argued by a fantastic, committed Israeli attorney, was based on the fact that Yousef was engaged in non-violent, popular resistance to the Israeli Occupation, which should be allowed. Several Israelis who have worked with Yousef this past year as a member of PSP wrote letters of support to the court, in which they verified his participation in peaceful struggle. After three days of deliberation, in which the military judge made the surprising move of actually re-interviewing the Shabak (Israeli intelligence) agents who made the original accusations against Yousef, Yousef was ordered released with no conditions.
Yousef and his family would like to that everyone who supported them during this time, and a especially the attorney.