Youth Shot, 3 Arrested Outside Beit Ommar

23 December 2007

Mohammed Awad, 17, was shot with live ammunition in the leg last night at approximately 8 pm while walking near a vegetable stand on Route 60 near the entrance to Beit Ommar. Eye witnesses report that 8 shots were fired by a special forces unit of the Israeli Army at Mohammed without warning. When two friends ran to him to help him, all three men, including the injured Mohammed, were arrested. The Israeli military took Mohammed in an army ambulance to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem. The location of the other two men is not currently known.
When international solidarity activists came to document the scene, the soldiers took the camera of one international man and forced him to delete all of his pictures (the picture here was taken from another camera further away). Mohammed is as of now in stable condition, though it is unknown if and when he will be released. PSP will update as more information becomes available.