Bike Ride to Protest Restrictions on Palestinian Movement

28 December 2007

A group of Israelis, including activists from Anarchists Against Walls, joined by internationals from PSP, took part in a critical mass demonstration in Tel Aviv last night, December 27, 2007. Bicyclists rallied at Rabin Square in Central Tel Aviv and took to the streets. Between forty and fifty cyclists rode through the streets bringing traffic in this busy center to a near standstill. Demonstrators passed out fliers and chanted slogans protesting the restriction of free movement of Palestinians in the West Bank and the embargo on Gaza. The demonstration, which lasted around an hour, ended with no injuries or arrests.

Road blocks, closures, checkpoints, and detours prevent freedom of movement for Palestinians throughout the Palestinian Territories while allowing free-flowing movement for Israeli settlers in the same areas. The Gaza Strip has been essentially sealed off for nearly two years and movement between the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which are in theory the areas that will make up a future Palestinian State, is nearly impossible.