Hundreds March Against the Wall in Betlehem

29 December 2007

In a demonstration yesterday orchestrated by the Popular Committee against the Wall in Betlehem and Mubadara movement, led by Mustafa Barghouti, protesters marched against the Annexation Wall in the city of Betlehem. The march began after a regional meeting in the International Center of Betlehem and went directly to a section of the Wall in which a tower stands manned with Israeli Occupation Force soldiers. Demonstrators convened at this portion of the wall, chanted, and many men beat their fists against the Wall in what became an emotionally charged protest against the 8-meter tall Wall which snakes through the streets of Betlehem in order to annex Rachel’s Tomb to the Israeli side. After the demonstration had come to an end, several Palestinian children began throwing stones at the Wall and watch tower in a common symbol of resistance to the Israeli Occupation. The Israeli soldiers responded by firing tear gas into the crowd, causing them to disperse.