Settlers Attack Beit Ommar Resident

3 January 2008

In what has become quite the norm in Occupied Palestine, settler violence again strikes the area of Beit Ommar. During a complete closure on the Palestinian village of Beit Ommar on December 31, in which Palestinians were not allowed to either leave or enter, Jewish settlers from a nearby illegal settlement convened on the village using Highway 60, the main route between Hebron and Jerusalem, which was shut off to all but Israeli drivers during the closure. From the street, settlers began stoning residents and visitors trapped in Beit Ommar.

Bassim Sabarneh, a local radio host from Al-Hurriyah Radio, and nearby resident was amongst the wounded. Sabarneh fielded stones and racist slurs while trying to cover the closure of Beit Ommar. Sabarneh was struck and sustained injuries to his leg. He then had to wait several hours while the village was locked down before getting treatment from a nearby hospital.

The settlers from illegal settlements, most of them M-16 toting fundamentalists, face no repercussions from injuring or even killing Palestinians or internationals visiting the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The Israeli army, however, only stand to reinforce these types of attacks, as they are deployed to protect the illegal settlers, leaving the settlers virtually lawless and exempt from prosecution.