Um Salamuna Marks 1 Year Anniversary of Anti-Wall Struggle

5 January 2008

This Friday, international and Israeli activists joined nearly 200 Palestinian men and women from throughout the Betlehem district as they commemorated the 1 year anniversary of persistent, non-violent struggle against the construction of the Annexation Barrier through the land of Um Salamuna. The residents of the south Betlehem villages have been waging a non-violent resistance against the theft of their land every week for a year. Friday, demonstrators gathered near the entrance to three villages: Wadi An-Nis, Um Salamuna, and Ma’asara. They then marched down the street towards Route 60, the major thoroughfare for both Palestinians and Israeli settlers. Chanting “no, no Wall” and carrying banners and posters from the Stop the Wall Campaign and other movements, the people marched past Israeli soldiers who did not try to stop the demonstrators.

The Palestinians then held their Friday prayer on the land near Route 60 and several people spoke about their commitment to continuing the struggle and continuing to build bonds between solidarity activists and the Palestinian people.