Activists Block Settler Road With Parts of a Settlement Fence

12 January 2008

Friday, January 11, PSP Palestinian and international activists joined by Israeli activists took razor wire from the fence surrounding the Karmi Tsur settlement and used it to block settler traffic on a street connecting the Etzion settlement bloc to Israel, near the Palestinian villages of Surif and Al-Jab’a. The action was to protest the continued presence of an Israeli military roadblock on the Palestinian road between Surif and Al-Jab’a. Israeli settler drivers for a short time were subjected to the same restriction on movement that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians face each and every day.

Activists set up orange cones on the road so that oncoming traffic would have plenty of notice before coming upon the razor wire fencing that was stretched across the street and locked to either side. At least 2 cars and one Israeli settlement bus were stopped by the temporary roadblock. A sign similar to those found on the Annexation Barrier declaring that approaching the fence was forbidden, was placed on the fencing. After closing the road, activists left the area before the Israeli Army arrived.