Palestine Solidarity Project Activists Around the World Protest the Siege on Gaza

31 January 2008

Philadelphia, PA saw two days of protest against the Israeli lockdown of the Gaza Strip. On Friday, January 25, residents protested at the Israeli consulate. Saturday, demonstrators marched in downtown Philadelphia carrying posters demanding an immediate end to the Occupation of Gaza and to “allow the convoy through”, a reference to the food and supplies convoy organized by Israeli groups that was making its way to the Erez Crossing from Israel to the Gaza Strip on the same day. Participants were also connecting American support for Israel’s siege to local crises at home, chanting “I don’t know where my taxes are going, but I can’t pay my rent”. A long-time PSP activist addressed the crowd, talking both about the need for America to stop using American taxpayers’ dollars to support the Gaza siege, and linked it to the lockdown and shootings that occurred in Beit Ommar last week.
PSP activists were also at demonstrations in London and New York, all calling for an immediate end to the siege of Gaza.