Vigil in Solidarity with Gaza: Santa Barbara, CA

1 February 2008

From Aharon

Communities throughout the world continue to protest and conduct demonstrations opposing the situations facing Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. At the University of California in Santa Barbara, campus organization, Students for Justice in Palestine, conducted a week of demonstrations on campus, topping off the week-long campaign to bring light to the Palestinian issue with a candlelight vigil for Gaza residents. Several speakers held audience, weighing in on the situation. One speaker, Aharon Ahmad M., spoke intimately about his experiences volunteering recently with the PSP in the West Bank. Aharon spent weeks with PSP co-founder, Mousa Maria, in Beit Ommar over his winter break from classes.

Despite heated debate on campus throughout the week between members of Students for Justice in Palestine and Israeli advocacy group, American Students for Israel (ASI), in which ASI members counter-protested in IOF uniform, many attended the vigil on Thursday night. Amongst the vigil
goers were people of all walks of life, class, and faith. At the end of the vigil, demonstrators carried the candles to the Pacific Ocean and offered prayers for those suffering in Occupied Palestine.