Youth Shot, Beit Ommar Locked Down for Third Day

1 February 2008

The scene in Beit Ommar has become even more surreal. Yesterday, under the cover of a thick blanket of snow, two Israeli military jeeps entered Beit Ommar. Soldiers began shooting live ammunition at water tanks located atop two homes on the main street belonging to the Sabarna and Alami families. A taxi which had paused near the homes was also shot at, the driver still inside. Young boys came out into the street to observe the soldiers, but no stones were thrown (as they were covered in snow). In response to their presence, soldiers shot tear gas, sound grenades, and live ammunition in their direction. Yousef Ahmed Abu Maria, 14, son of a member of the Popular Committee in Beit Ommar, was shot in the leg, with no warning. He was taken to the hospital in Hebron.
This happened on the third day of a mini-siege of Beit Ommar. Israeli soldiers have closed the gate to the entrance of the village and are not allowing traffic in or out (with, thankfully, the exception of Yousef’s ambulance). Residents have started to feel the pinch as shops, not being able to restock for three days, are rapidly running out of supplies.