Two Youth Shot, Kidnapped in Beit Ommar

10 February 2008

At 9pm Saturday evening four Israeli Occupation Forces jeeps entered Beit Ommar, closing the gate and locking the residents in. They then cut the electricity to the village, plunging the streets into darkness. In what has become an all too common occurrence in this small town in the southern West Bank, soldiers began arbitrarily shooting. For 2 hours, tear gas, sound grenades, and live ammunition were shot indiscriminately in the streets and onto the roofs of houses. Two teenagers, Ahmed Mohammed Ikhlayl and Ra’ed Al-Badil were both shot with live ammunition. As ambulances arrived to take them to Hebron, the Israeli military stopped them and prevented them from treating the two young men. Instead, they kidnapped them and were seen taking the injured youth into the settlement of Karmi Tsur, next to Beit Ommar but in the opposite direction of the prison and Israeli military base in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc. They were held overnight and as of the time of the writing of this report their whereabouts are unknown and it is unknown if they were given medical care. Over a dozen people, mostly under the age of 20, have been shot in this town of 15,000 in the last month, including Mohammed Awwad, 18, who was killed January 25, 2008.