Beit Ommar Youth Recuperates After Injury by Israeli Explosive

25 February 2008

On February 18th shortly after the Israeli military left after a multi-day invasion of the village of Beit Ommar Sakhar Hisham Abu Maria, a young boy in his early teens, was seriously injured when he picked up an explosive device that was left by the Israeli soldiers and it exploded in his hand. Parts of two fingers and his thumb were blown off. Sakhar was taken to a hospital in Hebron. Locals report that he picked up a sound grenade that the Israeli Occupations Forces left behind, unexploded. Previously, sound grenades used by the IOF were easily identifiable because of their bright orange color. However, the sound grenades used in Beit Ommar and in other areas more recently are not and Sakhar’s family reports that he did not know what the grenade was. One family member of Sakhar’s wondered, “what if it had been [a five year old] who had picked it up? The [Israeli] army doesn’t care if children are wounded.”
Sakhar is now at home, recuperating.