CPT: Israeli Soldiers and Settlers Harass Palestinian Shepherds, Soldiers Wound Sheep

25 February 2008

Christian Peacemaker Teams: At-Tuwani, South Hebron Hills
On Saturday, February 23nd, Israeli soldiers and settlers harassed and threatened Palestinian shepherds grazing their flocks. Several Palestinian shepherds from the village of At-Tuwani and nearby villages in the South Hebron Hills attempted to graze their flocks on Palestinian land near the illegal Israeli settlement outpost of Havot Ma’on. Soldiers arrived and took the ID of one of the shepherds, threatening arrest. A number of sheep were injured, including one when a soldier kicked the sheep, breaking its teeth. Settlers from Havot Ma’on harassed the shepherds and tried to chase away the flocks.

On Sunday, February 24rd, Israeli soldiers again tried to prevent Palestinian shepherds from At-Tuwani from grazing their flocks. They chased the sheep and threatened to arrest at least one of the shepherds. The District Coordinating Officer (DCO) arrived and ruled that the Palestinian shepherds could graze in that area. Shepherds complained that afterwards one of the lactating sheep was bleeding from the stress of the day’s events.