Israeli Soldiers Destroy Palestinian Land for Military Road

27 February 2008

Israeli Occupation Forces appear to be increasing their stranglehold over the village of Beit Ommar. Yesterday, several hundred meters of agricultural land belonging to Popular Committee member Ahmed Abu Maria was bulldozed near the Israeli settlement Karmi Tsur. The military seems to be laying a path from the edge of the settlement into Beit Ommar, presumably to allow military vehicles to have direct access from the settlement to the center of the village.
The Israeli Military has been increasing its use of this small illegal settlement, population approx. 700, as a de facto military base; most recently using it as a temporary jail for Palestinians arrested without charge from Beit Ommar. The IOF’s policy of confiscating privately-owned Palestinian land for military infrastructure is rampant throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and is, of course, in direct violation of international law.