Demonstration in Solidarity with Gaza in Beit Ommar, Settlers Open Fire

1 March 2008

Today approximately 50 Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists marched towards the Karmi Tsur settlement, built on Beit Ommar’s land. Karmi Tsur has recently been the staging area for the Israeli Occupation Forces as they invade Beit Ommar with increasing violence throughout the last month. Though originally planned as a demonstration against the recent bulldozing of Palestinian agricultural land near the settlement, residents decided to change the message to include a statement in solidarity with the residents of Gaza. Over 40 people were killed in attacks throughout the Gaza strip today alone, including 2 babies and small children.

The activists marched uninhibited to the fence surrounding the settlement. A 14 year old boy was hoisted up to plant a Palestinian flag on top of the fence. In response, several settlers who were out for a shabbat walk, opened fire with m16 automatic rifles towards the demonstrators, who quickly retreated. The Israeli forces who had been amassing in the settlement then came down through the gate and over the newly bulldozed land in several jeeps, forcing the people back into the village as the Israeli settlers nearby danced and cheered them on.