Students Strike in Betlehem

15 March 2008

A massive demonstration was held by students in Betlehem today, March 15, against the assassinations of 4 men last week and the ongoing Israeli military incursions into Beit Jala. The Israeli Occupation Forces have been invading Beit Jala almost nightly, occupying homes and setting off explosives. The students carried photos of the men who were killed by undercover Israeli forces Wednesday night, and marched past each of their homes. They also marched through the streets of Beit Jala, chanting slogans against the occupation and the ongoing “negotiations” between Mahmoud Abbas’s imposed government and Israeli government officials. The students blocked traffic as they marched through the streets towards Manger Square, where a traditional mourning tent for the 4 men killed has been set up. Many schools in the Betlehem region have seen a series of strikes since the beginning of the Israeli assault on Gaza two weeks ago. Many students have expressed the sentiment that now is the time to be in the streets demonstrating, rather than sitting in classrooms while the Israeli Occupation Forces are continuing their assaults.