7 Injured at 2nd Noise Demonstration in Ni’lin

10 June 2008

Monday evening hundreds of Palestinians, joined by Israeli activists and PSP marched again towards the construction site of the Annexation Barrier. Men young and old came with whistles, drums, and cans and sticks, creating a festive air for the demonstrators. When the procession reached the hill opposite Hashmoanim settlement, organizers called for the demonstration to stay together in a group as members of the community and solidarity activists addressed the settlers and soldiers gathered on the opposite hill through bullhorns.
Participants chanted, “no, no to the Wall” in Hebrew and Arabic, and organizers of the demonstration announced that the demonstration would remain non-violent. The soldiers, clearly dissatisfied with the calm of the day, began moving down the hill and taking aim at participants. Young men responded with throwing stones, which fell harmlessly yards away from the soldiers. But, as has been par for the course in Ni’lin, soldiers opened fire; laying a blanket of tear gas and injuring at least 7 with rubber-coated steel bullets. Far from being deterred, participants returned back to the village jubilant and looking forward to the next demonstration, which is tomorrow, Wednesday, June 11.

Thanks to Haggai from Anarchists Against Walls for the use of his photograph.