Another Noisy Night in Ni’lin!

15 June 2008

At 6 p.m. on Friday, June 13th, a crowd of over 100 Palestinian, Israeli,
and international activists gathered in Ni’lin to demonstrate against the
construction of the Annexation Barrier. The Wall is slated to be built
through a narrow valley that separates the Ni’lin community from
Hashmonaim, an illegal Israeli settlement. If the Wall is built according to plan, Ni’lin residents will be separated from their olive groves, which will be effectively annexed by Israel.

In keeping with recent Ni’lin protests, the demonstrators marched to the edge of a hill overlooking the valley, armed with whistles, drums, and buckets. The demonstrators chanted and banged on drums, while a group of adolescent boys moved down into the valley and symbolically threw stones near the stream of raw sewage created by the Hashmonaim settlement.

A small group of Israeli soldiers were stationed on the opposite hilltop. After about half an hour of noisy, festive resistance, the soldiers fired a couple of tear gas canisters and rubber bullets into the valley. These landed near the sewage in the bottom of the valley, and no demonstrators were harmed. At about 7:30, Palestinian committee members asked the demonstrators to disperse. The crowd marched back into town, glad that no demonstrators were harmed.