Support Mousa Abu Maria in Prison!

15 June 2008

On April 11 Mousa Abu Maria, a dedicated peace with justice activist and co-founder of the Palestine Solidarity Project, an organization committed to challenging the Occupation using non-violent direct action and promoting Palestinian self-sufficiency, was arrested by Israeli forces. Like nearly 1000 other Palestinians in Administrative Detention, Mousa is being held without charge or trial in Israeli prison. His case has garnered support from around the world including hundreds of letters written on his behalf, generous donations to his legal defense fund and solidarity actions.

On May 29th Mousa’s lawyer Adv. Gaby Lasky appealed for his release to the military court but the appeal was rejected. In his decision the military judge did not address any of the points raised in Mousa’s appeal and he intends to appeal his case to the High Court of justice. However, it would be naïve to expect much from the same system which imprisoned Mousa without a trial in the first place.

Mousa’s has requested specifically:

1. That supporters internationally contact their governmental representatives and demand that they inquire into Mousa’s unjust detention with the Israeli foreign ministry in their respective country.

You can help by DONATING to PSP and to Mousa’s legal fund via the website:
or by writing a check made out to PSP-NY and mailing it to:

P.O. Box 721234
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

3. Mousa should be able to receive mail in prison and it will help his morale very much. He would appreciate short letters in English or longer ones in Arabic. The jail authorities scrutinize incoming mail and limit Mousa to sending 4 postcards and 4 letters every month so he will probably be unable to write back. You can write to:
Mousa Abdel Hamid Ahmed Abu Maria
Ktziot Prison
p.o box 13