Israeli Soldiers Trash Red Crescent Society Building in Beit Ommar

21 June 2008

At about midnight on Thursday, June 19th, Israeli soldiers invaded a Red Crescent Society building in Beit Ommar. The building is used as a temporary clinic and ambulance dispatch center on the main road between Hebron and Betlehem. When community members and PSP volunteers arrived at the site the following afternoon, they found the building had been trashed.
The Soldiers had broken the front door handle and shot bullets through the front door window. The metal grate was torn off the back window, the windows were ripped from their frames, and the glass panes were shattered. Inside, shards of glass were strewn across the floor of the back room. In another room, a wardrobe was opened and papers were scattered everywhere. In the waiting area, pieces of furniture were overturned and waste baskets had been kicked over.

As community members and PSP volunteers were leaving the site, soldiers stopped by the group and ordered the people to leave the area. When one community member did not move quickly enough for the soldiers, he was summoned over to the jeep, but was soon let go.