Ni’lin: The Struggle Will Continue

2 August 2008

Friday, August 1, residents of Ni’lin, who have buried a 10 year old boy, Ahmed Mousa, and have another youth, Yousef Amira, brain dead in a hospital in Ramallah, returned to their struggle against the confiscation of their land. Palestinians were joined by Israeli and international solidarity activists as they marched towards the site of the construction of the Annexation Barrier and where Ahmed Mousa was fatally shot in the head. More than a hundred meters away from the site several rolls of razor-wire had been set up by the military to prevent access to the construction site after several demonstrations had successfully reached the bulldozers and prevented their work in past weeks. It was this razor-wire that Ahmed Mousa was killed for touching.

On Friday, with international and Israeli solidarity activists used the racist double-standard of the Israeli Occupation Forces which states that Palestinians can be killed during anti-wall demonstrations except when Israelis or internationals are present to enable the Palestinian people to continue their struggle. They did so by moving a large section of the razor-wire. The Israeli military of course did not refrain from using any violence, and 5 Palestinians and 2 internationals were shot with rubber-coated steel bullets. The demonstrators were then chased back into the village but regrouped and pressed on, returning to the razor-wire and moving it so that it would interfere with construction when it begins again on Sunday. Participants also built a memorial of rocks where young Ahmed Mousa was murdered; placing a Palestinian flag atop it.

At 3am this morning, 2 members of the Popular Committee in Ni’lin were arrested from their homes during an invasion of the village. 6 hours later they were released. They reported that when they were brought to the border police officer, he asked where they worked, and then told them he had nothing else to ask them. The Israeli Occupation Forces are clearly using everything in their arsenal to break the back of the struggle in Ni’lin. However, even after the horrific events of this week, it shows no sign of slowing.