Mousa Abu Maria to Remain in Detention

9 August 2008

After a long day in the Israeli Supreme Court, 3 judges decided that Mousa Abu Maria, co-founder of Palestine Solidarity Project, would remain in administrative detention and that no review of the secret evidence against him was required. The court refused to hear a major part of advocate Gaby Lasky’s argument, namely, that the procedures for appeal of administrative detention in place now by the Israeli Occupation Forces are not in line with the Fourth Geneva Conventions and international law. After less than 15 minutes of presentation of Mousa’s case the court was emptied while the prosecution, aided by secret ‘evidence’ and members of Israeli intelligence service (Shabak) presented to the court (with administrative detention, not only are no charges filed or evidence presented in open court, but the defense attorneys are also not allowed to hear the accusations against their clients). After another few minutes, Mousa, looking strong but with more gray hair, was brought back along with his lawyers and supporters. The judges then declared that Shabak must be given the benefit of the doubt that their evidence is correct (though it does not need to be corroborated and is not open to dispute).
It was also revealed that Shabak intends to extend Mousa’s detention in October. Administrative detention, usually ordered in 6-month intervals, can be continued indefinitely with only “rubber-stamp” procedural hearings, held in front of a military court.
Mousa’s legal team is considering bringing his case to the UN Commission on Human Rights.