Beit Ommar Braces for Another Israeli Invasion

16 September 2008

The signs are all there. For the past five nights small teams of Israeli soldiers have entered Beit Ommar, stayed for a few hours wreaking havoc on the village, and then left. It is a pattern the residents have become all too familiar with. These smaller-scale invasions, whose beginning coincided with an attack on a settlement just down the road and the subsequent killing of a Palestinian man by Israeli soldiers in Tekoa village, are often the precursors to a large-scale daytime invasion. In similar invasions 2 young men have been killed by Israeli forces in Beit Ommar in the last 8 months alone.

On Friday night, September 12, at approximately 2 am, Israeli Occupation Forces entered in several jeeps and spent the next two hours shooting tear gas and percussion grenades at locals as they ate their morning meals and then went to the mosque for prayer. They repeated the same Saturday night and then Sunday at approximately 6 am soldiers entered the village and began photographing locations like rooftops and alleyways that they believed local youth were using as cover to throw stones from. Such photographing activity is most often a predictor of the IOF’s intention to carry out massive arrests, however arbitrary, and home invasions.

And so, as is so often the case here, Beit Ommar waits.