Ni’lin: Israeli Cameraman Assaulted as Activists Stop Bulldozers

22 September 2008

On Wednesday, September 17, more than 50 Israeli supporters of Palestinian Independence joined the residents of Ni’lin in another demonstration against the construction of the Annexation Barrier. In addition to the Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall, a constant presence at Anti-Barrier demonstrations, members of the ultra-orthodox Naturei Karta sect of Judaism and other Israeli peace activists joined Palestinians in the center of town. The group then marched towards the edge of the village where Israeli Occupation Forces met them and began shooting tear gas at the crowd. Two small groups of activists managed to get around the soldiers and made their way to the bulldozers, stopping their work for several minutes as they were bombarded with tear gas and sound grenades.
An Israeli cameraman in his 70′s who is a regular participant in Anti-Occupation demonstrations was then brutally attacked by Israeli soldiers who first threw a sound grenade at him which exploded on his back. They then threw him to the ground and beat him, finally stealing the video from his camera in an attempt to eliminate evidence of their assault. The cameraman was later taken to a hospital in Israel where he was treated and later released.

The struggle against the theft of land continues almost daily in Ni’lin. Friday demonstrators again marched to the land, where several Palestinians were injured when they were shot rubber-coated steel bullets. The Israeli response has been ever-increasing repression, with another wave of arrests early this morning, bringing the number of Palestinians from Ni’lin currently in Israeli prisons to nearly a dozen.