Ni’lin Popular Resistance Committee Member Shot in the Face

25 September 2008

On September 23 Ahed Khawajeh, one of the most active members of the Popular Resistance against the Annexation Barrier in Ni’lin, was accompanying a group of European Union Parliamentarians on a survey of the land that is to be confiscated by the Annexation Barrier. He, along with the mayor of Ni’lin and two other members of the Popular Committee and the members of EU Parliament, were approached by Israeli soldiers who told them they were forbidden to access their land and that the entire area was a closed military zone. The Ahed and the others began to leave but as Ahed turned back, he was hit directly in the face with a tear gas canister shot from within 25 meters. The canister, a metal cylinder more than an inch in diameter, was shot from a rifle and shattered the bone between Ahed’s eyes.

Ahed was quickly evacuated by the others to the Ni’lin clinic and then on to the hospital in Ramallah where is in stable condition but cannot see out of either eye due to the extensive swelling.

Needless to say, the demonstration planned for later that day went on, with Israeli and international activists joining the residents of Ni’lin as they attempted to block the bulldozers yet again.