University Students Arrested in Their Classrooms, Beaten by IOF

31 October 2008

On October 30, over a dozen Israeli Occupation soldiers invaded the Al-Arroub Technical College and University and began pulling students from their classrooms, blind-folding them, handcuffing them, and marching them out of the buildings and towards the military watchtower at the entrance to Al-Arroub refugee camp across the street. Several students, between the ages of 15 and 23, were taken into an area beneath the watchtower surrounded by high concrete walls where they were beaten severely about the head and stomachs, out of sight of the photographers who had gathered. The president of the school was told that the arrested students were wanted for throwing stones at the cement watchtower at some undetermined time “earlier”. While a few students were eventually released, the remaining youth were taken to Israeli police stations where they still remain in custody.