Ni’lin: Weeks of Active Demonstrations, Several Injuries

9 November 2008

Throughout the month of October the resistance in Ni’lin has continued unabated, with demonstrations often several days a week, the residents of Ni’lin, accompanied by Israeli and international supporters have continued to be successful in at least delaying the construction of the Annexation Barrier, which if completed on its planned path, would confiscate 90% of Ni’lin’s agricultural land.
Using a variety of techniques, including throwing stones symbolically at the bulldozers tearing up the olive trees of Ni’lin, blocking the path of jeeps and bulldozers with rocks, and cutting open any structure that the Israeli Occupation Forces put up to protect the construction of the illegal barrier, the Palestinians of Ni’lin have continued to demonstrate their commitment and dedication to, at the very least, not take the theft of their land lying down.
This month has also been a time of several injuries, including over a dozen Palestinians and one international woman having to be treated for wounds inflicted by the Israeli Occupation Forces. Still, the unarmed protests continue, giving hope to people around the West Bank and Gaza Strip that true popular resistance is not only possible, it is the only path to a free Palestine.