Another PSP Coordinator Arrested by Israeli Forces from His Home

15 November 2008

On November 9th at approximately 10pm Israeli Occupation Forces along with members of the Israeli intelligence services (“Shabak”) invaded the home of Mohammed Abu Maria (known as Hamuda), a long-time member and coordinator of Palestine Solidarity Project. He was not at home though his wife and three small children were. The Shabak agenst informed Mohammed’s wife that they “knew” he was in Beit Ommar and that they would wait for him at his home. Fearing that they would damage the home, and also knowing that Mohammed’s wife has health problems that are greatly increased by stress, a fellow PSP member and neighbor called Mohammed and told him that Shabak was at his home. Shabak at the time said they only wanted to speak to Mohammed.

Mohammed, concerned for his family and also knowing he could be accused of nothing (though of course knowing that had not stopped Shabak when it arrested Mousa Abu Maria, a fellow coordinator, 6 months earlier), voluntarily returned to his home. He was then arrested and taken to Etzion prison, inside a nearby settlement.

PSP has been told that he is suspected of being a member of Islamic Jihad, the same accusation Shabak made against the other PSP coordinator currently being held in administrative detention. This is apparently a blanket accusation Shabak uses to imprison political activists they are threatened by. PSP can categorically deny that Mohammed is, or ever has been, a member of Islamic Jihad. We are assuming that the Israeli Intelligence Services will also attempt to imprison him under administrative detention, which requires no charges to be filed and allows for no trial or opportunity for defense.

PSP IS CLEARLY BEING TARGETED because of the recent work we have been doing which involves recruiting, training, and unifying Palestinian women, men, and children to engage in popular, non-violent resistance against the Israeli Occupation. It is because of our work specifically across political parties and amongst all sectors of Palestinian society that we are seen as a threat to the Israeli government.

PSP CALLS ON ALL OF ITS INTERNATIONAL SUPPORTERS to assist us in this time of crackdown. Specifically, international volunteers are welcome to come and stay in Beit Ommar, and work with PSP in its current projects. Click here to find out how to join us in Palestine!

We are also in need of financial assistance for our rising legal costs. Mousa Abu Maria, co-founder and coordinator of PSP, is also still in detention and his detention was recently renewed for another 5 months. Click here to donate.

PSP is committed to continuing its work with Palestinian and international volunteers to increase the presence of an unarmed, popular resistance in Palestine.