Media Blackout in Gaza: What Israel Doesn’t Want You to Know

19 November 2008

Since at least the 9th of November, the Israeli Occupation Forces have prevented journalists from entering the Gaza strip, and have encouraged journalists in the region to leave. A more than week-long ban makes the current blackout unprecedented in Gaza, and has led international press organizations to condemn the Israeli government’s relatively successful attempts to prevent information on the situation in Gaza from reaching international audiences. This comes during a week when 4 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli air strikes, IOF bulldozers have returned to the Southern Gaza Strip and have been razing agricultural lands and 70% of Palestinians have been left without any electricity.
Representatives of the United Nations and the European Union have said that the people of Gaza, particularly children, are in “dire straits”. Wheat is expected to run out on Thursday.

A statement by the Foreign Press Association read in part, “We regard this as an unconscionable breach of the Israeli Government’s responsibility to allow journalists to do their jobs in this region… The international media serve as the world’s window into Gaza providing vital coverage of all aspects of Gazan life to news consumers around the world.”

It has become all the more important that the reports of independent Palestinian news agencies and human rights organizations inside the Gaza Strip be disseminated as widely as possible.

PSP encourages its supporters and readers to spread the reports on its website and other websites such as and so that the current media blackout does not prevent the world from knowing what is really happening in Gaza.