Demonstrations in Al-Ma’asara, Elsewhere, in Solidarity with Hebron

9 December 2008

This week’s Friday demonstration in Al-Ma’asara was dedicated in solidarity with the residents of Hebron, who were in the midst of a violent Israeli settler pogrom. Residents of Al-Ma’asara were joined by Israeli activists from Anarchists Against the Wall and members of Palestine Solidarity Project as they marched towards a group of Israeli soldiers who had once again set up a razor-wire fence across the road, preventing the march from approaching Palestinian land which is being confiscated for the construction of the Annexation Barrier. Children of local farmers began pulling on the razor wire, in defiance of the intimidating soldiers who repeatedly pointed their guns at them, and eventually stretched the wire so that it could be walked over. The demonstrators then passed over the razor wire, telling the soldiers that they simply intended to go to land that was legally Palestinian, and that they would do so non-violently. Soldiers responded with force, first attacking the spokesperson and head of the local committee, Mahmoud Zahre, and then pushing Israeli and international activists back, in total contrast to the total inaction of their “colleagues” against violent, armed right-wing Israelis just down the road. No one was injured and after a speech in support of the residents of Hebron, the demonstration peacefully dispersed.

Residents of Nablus and Jaffa also held demonstrations in solidarity with the residents of Hebron, calling for an end to the violent attacks. Hundreds gathered Saturday evening in Tel Aviv to demonstrate against the settlers, with Israeli peace group Peace Now calling for an immediate withdrawal of all settlers in Hebron.