New Betlehem Committee Joins Resistance in Bil’in

14 December 2008

This Friday, as demonstrations were held yet again in Bil’in, Ni’lin and Jayyous the newly-formed Betlehem Solidarity Committee, which brings together people from villages throughout the Betlehem District and of which PSP is a founding member, brought a group from Beit Jala and Husan villages to join the weekly struggle in Bil’in. Demonstrators, accompanied by the ever-present Israeli and international solidarity activists, marched down a path to the Annexation Barrier. Israeli soldiers quickly began shooting tear gas and sound grenades at the demonstrators who dispersed and re-gathered several times before the members of the committee in Bil’in declared the demonstration over and met with members of the Betlehem committee.
The Solidarity committee of Betlehem is planning actions and activities around Betlehem against land confiscation for settlement expansion and the construction of the Annexation Barrier. Perhaps more importantly, it is firmly committed to being a non-partisan, all-embracing committee made up of Muslims and Christians, men and women, with members from several different Palestinian political parties. PSP is excited about the potential for the committee in Betlehem as an example of a truly grassroots regional committee based on a shared desire between communities to support each other in their common struggle against Israeli Occupation.