Haaretz: IDF soldier detained for firing gun alongside rioting settlers

24 December 2008

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An Israel Defense Forces soldier has been arrested for allegedly shooting his gun while rioting with settlers in Hebron, it emerged on Tuesday.

The soldier, a member of the Givati infantry brigade who was off-suty at the time of the clashes, is a resident of the West bank settlement of Kiryat Arba, near Hebron.

He was arrested after the B’Tselem rights organization filmed him taking part in the clash between settlers and Palestinians. Ynet reported Tuesday that a military court has extended his remand.

According to B’tselem, the incident occurred on November 29, during the upsurge in violence that surrounded the eviction of the so-called “House of Contention” in Hebron.

Last week, the Israel Defense Forces Military Police detained a soldier from the elite Givati brigade on suspicion that he hurled stones at police officers and Palestinians in Hebron.

Video footage filmed during the evacuation of the House of Contention in the West Bank city about 10 days ago shows settlers throwing stones at Palestinians and at a Palestinian-owned house.

The footage also shows an Israeli soldier, believed by the military police to be Corporal Avraham Schneider, picking up stones and participating in the disturbance, instead of preventing it.

Schneider denies involvement in the stone-throwing, and claims not to have been there.

Schneider is currently awaiting a military court hearing.