2 Arrested, 1 Beaten Overnight in Beit Ommar

29 December 2008

After a day of spontaneous demonstrating against Israeli Occupation Forces, Israeli soldiers surreptitiously entered Beit Ommar at after midnight early Monday morning, invading several houses and arresting two people. The two men, Issa Mohammed Issa Awad, 20, and Yousef Ali Musleh Awad, 21, are university students. They were taken from their beds in a quick invasion which left family members upset and afraid. Their current location is unknown. In a separate incident last night in Beit Ommar, Yousef Nasri Rashid Sabarneh, son of the mayor of Beit Ommar, was accosted by Israeli soldiers at the entrance to the village on the way home from visiting Betlehem. Yousef was then viciously attacked and beaten by Israeli Occupation soldiers so badly that he had to be hospitalized.