Mohammed Khawaje from Ni’lin Dies After Being Shot by Israeli Forces

1 January 2009

On Wednesday afternoon 20 year-old Mohammed Khawaje, who was shot in the head with live ammunition by the Israeli military on December 28 during a demonstration against the assault on Gaza, has died from his wounds. On Sunday the residents of Ni’lin gathered in several groups around the village and threw stones at the Israeli soldiers who had gathered en masse around the village. mohammed-khawajeThough starting by shooting tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets, one group of Israeli soldiers inexplicably switched to using live ammunition, shooting directly at the unarmed youth. Arafat Khawaje, 22, was killed when he was shot in the back. Another man was shot in the leg, though the wound was not life-threatening. Mohammed Khawaje was shot above the left eye and was declared brain-dead the next day. He died, becoming the 4th person killed by the Israeli military in the last year in Ni’lin during demonstrations. Emotional funerals were held for Arafat and Mohammed on Monday and today, respectfully. Ni’lin will hold its regular Friday demonstration tomorrow, continuing its resistance against Israeli Occupation.