Around the World, Israeli Consulates Hear Calls to End Gaza Massacre

11 January 2009

london-gazaFrom New York, to Tshwane, South Africa; London to Nairobi, Stockholm to Kuala Lumpur; hundreds of thousands of people have marched, chanted sat-in, died-in, rioted and sang all in a collective, desperate attempt to end the attacks on Gaza by the Israeli Occupation Forces. In Toronto and Montreal, Canada activists, including a contingent of Jewish women, occupied the Israeli consulates. In one, they served the consulate with an eviction order. The Jewish women’s contigent informed the consulate that they would occupy it “as long as Gaza is occupied”. London’s demonstrations have been the largest in the western world, with approximately 100,000 people marching through the center of town in outrage over Israel’s disregard for human life and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. But mass demonstrations were not limited to cities in the West with strong reputations as venues for public dissent. In Manila, Phillipines; Jakarta, Indonesia; Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt; Amman, Jordan; Damascus, Syria; Beirut, Lebanon; Istanbul, Turkey; and even Baghdad and Mosul, Iraq massive demonstrations were also held in support of the people of Gaza. Governments and police, particularly in countries like Egypt and Jordan, where public dissent is rarely tolerated and demonstrations were aimed at the inaction of their own leaders as well as at Israel, people still gathered in the tens of thousands, sometimes confronting riot police as they attempted to get near the Israeli consulate in their respective city.

In Paris, protestors burned tires in the road, reminiscent of actions in the West Bank. Perhaps most meaningful of all, the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez officially kicked out the Israeli Ambassador in protest of the Israeli government’s attack on Palestinians.

Over the last 2 weeks demonstrations, sometimes multiple, have been held in the following places:

North America
Lansing, MI
St. Louis, MO
Chicago, IL
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
Miami, FL
Montreal, Canada
Toronto, Canada

London, England
Glasgow, Scotland
Berlin, Germany
Paris, France
Stockholm, Malmo, Boras, Gothenburg, Sweden
Oslo, Vasteras, Norway

Nairobi, Kenya
Dakar, Senegal
Cairo, Alexandria, Egypt
Durban, Port Elizabeth, Tshwane, Cape Town, South Africa

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Manila, Phillipines
Jakarta, Indonesia
South Korea
Amman, Jordan
Damascus, Syria
Baghdad, Mosul, Iraq
Beirut, Lebanon
Istanbul, Turkey