Jalameh prison: demonstration for Gaza-protest Palestinians arrested in Israel

15 January 2009

Around a hundred demonstrators gathered today at Jalameh (Kishon) prison near Haifa to show their solidarity with Palestinians arrested over the last few weeks in Israel. Hundreds of Palestinians who live in Israel have been singled out for arrest because they dared to take part in protests against the War on Gaza and at least 27 are being held for the durations of their trials.

Such protests have been occurring on a daily basis across ’1948 Israel’, attended by Palestinians but also by Israeli Jews who take offence at their country’s collective punishment of Gaza. However, it is the Palestinian participants who bear the brunt of the Israeli security forces’ response.

It is thought that more than 750 young Palestinians, mainly teenagers, have been arrested in Israel since the Gaza bombardment began. Such arrests are typically followed up by invasion of the family home and harassment of the family, not to mention the interrogation and brutality that the arrestee can expect from Israeli forces.

Today’s demonstration was organized by a committee of Arab community groups within Israel and attended by PSP and anarchist group representatives among others. It passed off entirely peacefully (though of course closely watched by police). Demonstrators waved placards and banners at passing traffic on the busy road, and even got a few honks of support!