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18 Jan 2009

From Ma’an News Agency ( January 18, 2009:

Gaza – Ma’an – A Gazan farmer is dead and his son injured by Israeli fire less than ten hours after Israel declared a unilateral ceasefire in the Gaza Strip Sunday morning, medical sources confirmed.

The farmer was identified as 24-year-old Abd As-Samad Abu Rejlieh, who was shot as he went out to his lands to inspect the damage from the 22-day Israeli incursion.

Israeli fire also hit a mother and her daughter in their home in the northern Strip town of Beit Hanoun, both were injured.

Since the ceasefire went into effect at 2am Sunday morning, one is dead and several injured. Medical crews continue to dig bodies out of Gaza rubble. … Continue reading

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18 Jan 2009
Soldiers get trigger-happy with the tear gas at Ni’lin

The anti-Apartheid Barrier demonstrations at the West Bank village of Ni’lin have become a regular affair. Every Friday, after noon prayers, there is a standoff between soldiers and young Palestinians that degenerates into a disproportionate battle of Israeli firepower and teenagers running for their lives.

Internationals from PSP and ISM along with Israeli Anarchists attend such standoffs to provide a visible presence so that Israeli forces are, in theory, less likely to use lethal force. Shamefully, but undeniably, this does provide some form of deterrent to the Israeli forces, and ‘only’ four Palestinians have been killed in the last six years at demonstrations where internationals were present.

Last Friday’s standoff … Continue reading

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18 Jan 2009
Jaffa march attracts 3,000 anti-war protestors

Three thousand demonstrators descended on Jaffa yesterday evening to protest against Israel’s war on Gaza. In one of Israel’s biggest internal protests so far, a noisy but peaceful banner-waving army marched and chanted their disapproval at Israel’s latest military adventure.

Demonstrators gathered in the Charles Clore Garden against the evening skyline of Tel Aviv, and then marched two kilometres through Jaffa to Ha-Shnayim Garden. The pre-planned route had been closed to traffic, and there was a distinct police presence (included mounted and helicopter).

The wide array of banners and flags highlighted the diverse mixture of Palestinian and Israeli organizations and individuals that … Continue reading