Jaffa march attracts 3,000 anti-war protestors

18 January 2009

Three thousand demonstrators descended on Jaffa yesterday evening to protest against Israel’s war on Gaza. In one of Israel’s biggest internal protests so far, a noisy but peaceful banner-waving army marched and chanted their disapproval at Israel’s latest military adventure.


Demonstrators gathered in the Charles Clore Garden against the evening skyline of Tel Aviv, and then marched two kilometres through Jaffa to Ha-Shnayim Garden. The pre-planned route had been closed to traffic, and there was a distinct police presence (included mounted and helicopter).


The wide array of banners and flags highlighted the diverse mixture of Palestinian and Israeli organizations and individuals that attended. Among a sea of Palestinian flags, numerous ‘Gush Shalom’ flags showed a reassuring Jewish Israeli presence – albeit rather depressing as a proportion of the national population. Individual protestors had travelled from all corners of Israel and the West Bank however.

Thankfully there appeared to be no friction or abuse from members of the public less sympathetic to the plight of Gazans. Sadly this is something that protests supporting Palestinian causes can attract in Israel.


Video by Yisrael Putermam

These photos by PSP, but see also ActiveStills’ photostream on Flickr (www.flickr.com/photos/activestills/3205156416).