Sammouni Family Compound: First Look at the Destruction

19 January 2009

The story of the Sammouni family in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City has brought widespread condemnation of the Israeli Occupation Forces’ methods and calls for an investigation into possible war crimes. The family was ordered by Israeli soldiers to move into a single compound “for their safety”. The morning after being moved, the building was shelled multiple times. Paramedics were then refused access to the area for days as children sat without food or water, surrounded by the bodies of their dead mothers and fathers. The International Red Cross said that Israeli forces were nearby and must have known that there were wounded civilians, including women and children, yet the provided no help and prevented ambulances from reaching them. In this report from Al Jazeera, Sherine Tadros brings the first images of the area a day after a ceasefire was unilaterally declared.