Akeel Srour Killed During Demonstration in Ni’lin

7 June 2009

akel-srur-nilin36 Year old Akeel Srour often participated in demonstrations against the construction of the Annexation Barrier on the agricultural land of Ni’lin, Ramallah District. Demonstrations first began in Ni’lin against the construction of the Barrier in late 2003, but was delayed by a court case. When construction resumed over a year ago, demonstrations were organized by a local popular committee, often several times a week. The village then began a schedule of weekly demonstrations on Fridays to correspond with similar demonstrations in nearby Bil’in and Ma’asara in Betlehem District.

In the last year, the Israeli military has been increasingly negligent in its use of violence, which has resulted in the death of 5 residents of Ni’lin and the critical injury of dozens more. Akeel was buried on Saturday with thousands of mourners attending.