CPT At-Tuwani: Israeli Police, Accompanied by Settlers, Arrest Palestinian

6 July 2009

Christian Peacemaker Teams, AT-TUWANI: Israeli Police, Accompanied by Israeli Settlers, Arrest Palestinian: Three Palestinians Arrested Within Eight Days for Grazing Sheep

[Note: According to the Geneva Conventions, the International Court of
Justice in the Hague, and numerous United Nations resolutions, all Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories are illegal.
Settlement outposts are considered illegal also under Israeli law.]

In the early evening of Friday, 3 July, Israeli police detained a
Palestinian from the village of Tuba, located in the South Hebron hills.
Mohammed* was on his way to Yatta for a doctor’s appointment. He stopped to speak with his brother, who, accompanied by internationals, was grazing the family flock on private Palestinian land beside the nearby village of At-Tuwani.

At 5:00 pm three Israeli settlers accompanied by an Israeli police officer approached the brothers. The police officer asked whose flock it was and Mohammed went forward to speak with him. A few minutes later a police jeep arrived. One police officer told an international that the settlers had informed them that the Palestinians were ‘on Israeli land’.

Mohammed explained to the police officer that the land on which his
brother was grazing the sheep was owned by Palestinians, but the police officer ignored him. The police officer then threatened to arrest an international videotaping the incident if she continued to film.

The police spent considerable time consulting with settlers and at 6:30 pm took the Palestinian shepherd to Kiryat Arba police station.

Note: On the 25th of June, Israeli police arrested two
Palestinians from Tuba while grazing their sheep. Israeli police,
accompanied by Israeli settlers arrested Ahmed Omar Jundyye, age 15, and Redwan Ibrahim Jundyye, age 16. The Palestinian boys were held at Kiryat Arba police station for nearly five hours.

*Name has been changed