Mohammed Abu Maria Released from Prison After 8 Months

9 July 2009

Mohammed “Hamude” Abu Maria, long-time committee member of the Palestine Solidarity Project, was released from Qetziot prison after 8 months of Administrative Detention, where he was held without charge or trial. Hamude was welcomed home Wednesday afternoon by fireworks and dozens of friends and community members, as well as by his three children, 8 year-old Thikra, 5 year-old Qais and 3 year-old Shahed, as well as by his wife, Feryal.

Hamude was the last of three PSP committee members to be arrested and held in Administrative Detention, a tactic used to intimidate and attempt to quell PSP’s anti-occupation work. While PSP continued its struggle throughout the imprisonment of three of its key organizers in the last year, we are thrilled that they are all home again!