200 March in Ni’lin, Dismantle Part of Annexation Barrier

13 July 2009

Protest against the apartheid wall, Nilin, Palestine, 10/7/2009.On Friday, July 10, more than 200 people from the village of Ni’lin and their Israeli and international supporters marched towards the Annexation Barrier, which cuts through the agricultural land of Ni’lin. This week, participants managed to reach the fence itself, and quickly began dismantling it, 5 years after the International Court of Justice declared it illegal under international law. Tear gas was fired at the group but the dismantling continued for some minutes.
Suddenly, from the group of youth throwing stones, 10 undercover Israeli military personnel, dressed as stone-throwers, began arresting people. Two residents of Ni’lin were arrested.
Demonstrations in Ni’lin began in early 2004, when construction of the Annexation Barrier was first announced. Construction was then delayed for a several years due to a court case in the Israeli court system. Demonstrations began again last year when the construction resumed. Since that time 5 Palestinians have been killed in the unarmed demonstrations, the youngest 10 year-old Ahmed Mousa. Over 100 residents of Ni’lin have also been arrested for participation in the demonstrations over the last year.