Hundreds March in Beit Jala Against the Occupation and for Palestinian Unity

13 July 2009

As a close to a week of demonstrations, informational sessions, and visits to various communities in the Betlehem District, the “House of Abraham” group, sponsored by the Lutheran Church of Beit Jala, along with the Beit Jala Prisoners Society and leading muftis throughout Palestine, including the high Mufti of Jerusalem, marched arm in arm through the streets of Beit Jala signifying both their opposition to Israeli Occupation and the need for unity within Palestinian communities. They were followed by drumming scout troops, representatives of the Prisoners Society with banners reading “imprisoning youth is against international law”, and hundreds of youth from summer camps sponsored by the House of Abraham from Hussan, Deheishe Refugee camp, Beit Jala and Beit Ommar. After a march through the town, the people gathered at a sports club where various representatives of Palestinian religious society addressed the crowd, renewing their commitments to Palestine as a multi-religious society, where Christians and Muslims share common dreams and goals. The entire week was attended by a large delegation from Germany, including religious leaders, community leaders, and a mayor who were there to show solidarity with the people of Palestine.