Picnic in Susiya Disrupted By Israeli Soldiers, 1 Arrested

13 July 2009

susiya picnic smallOn Saturday, July 11, 2009, Members of Ta’ayush Movement, along with international supporters, continued their creative protest against a newly-constructed one-room outpost outside the illegal Israeli settlement of Susiya, which is built just above the Palestinian community of Susiya. This week, activists held a picnic next to the outpost, bringing a blanket, watermelon, and other summer foods, informing the Israeli military when they arrived that it was not a demonstration, but merely an outing.
Along with the construction of a “Palestinian outpost” on the land last month, the activists are attempting to bring light to the outrageous bias in Israeli policy; while the picnic was interrupted within 5 minutes and one Israeli activist with Ta’ayush was arrested while another was detained but later released, the outpost, which has been in the area for months and is certainly more illegal than a picnic, even under Israeli law, has not been removed.