Beit Ommar Land Bulldozed for Settler Road, Violates Supreme Court Decision

29 July 2009

Karmei Tsur road 07_28_09On Tuesday July 28th, PSP international and Palestinian activists documented the bulldozing of a new road by the Israeli military between the original Karmei Tsur settlement fence and the newly-constructed “security” fence. When this newer fence was constructed in 2006, residents of Beit Ommar, while attempting to prevent the construction at all, were at least able to guarantee with a decision by the Israeli Supreme Court that the agricultural land that would be trapped between the new “security” fence and the old boundary of Karmei Tsur, which was proven to be private Palestinian land, whould remain the property of the residents of Beit Ommar. Thus, the construction of a road through this land, which involved the uprooting of several trees, is in direct violation of the Supreme Court decision.

Soldiers remained for only a short time after the international and Palestinian activists arrived, long enough to raise their middle finger at the activists, before pulling back both bulldozers. The mayor of Beit Ommar was also notified and began the process of lodging a legal complaint against the Israeli military.